NaNo Day 10: BLARGH edition

For the third day in a row, I have had somewhat less than stellar word counts. And it’s not just that the words aren’t coming to me (they aren’t), but yesterday I began taking medication for my anxiety and one of the side effects is drowsiness and boy howdy do they mean it. Yesterday wasn’t so bad but today, I definitely did more sleeping than writing. And what little I did manage to write was pretty bad. It just felt like words on a page; there was no life to what I was writing. It definitely reads like something written by someone half asleep. I’m still really far ahead, but every day that I have such dismal word counts, my lead shrinks and my personal deadline grows less likely. I really hope I adjust to this medication soon. I hate not being able to write.


About J. R. Walker

My name is Josh and I'm an aspiring writer currently attending Southern New Hampshire University online to get my degree in Creative Writing. I currently have over a dozen short stories under my belt, as well as a number of novels in varying stages of completion. I have yet to be published but I'm hoping to self-publish within the next year or so. As a writer, I'm also an avid reader. My current inspirations are H. P. Lovecraft, Stephen King, Jo Rowling, and George R. R. Martin. Besides being a writer, I'm also a fairly decent knitter and crocheter.
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