NaNoWriMo: Day 5

As it currently stands, I am at 18,561 words. Today has been a little bit of a struggle but after having such an easy day yesterday, it was to be expected. Not every chapter can be exhilarating to write. Some days I can whip out 1500 words in an hour and others I struggle for three hours to get one paragraph. It’s all part of the process. Unfortunately, today is one of the more difficult days. I’ve managed about 2300 words so far and hope to get around 1500 more down before bed, bringing my total to 20K. I think I can manage it.

I’m finding it tremendously helpful to end every day with a goal in mind for the next day. It makes me work much harder than I otherwise would if I have the rather nebulous 50K word goal due at some vague point in the future. Last year was my first year and, while I completed the 50K by the 18th, some days were a real problem with low word count because I didn’t go into them with any sort of goal in mind. But I’ve learned from my mistakes and now have a rough map of where I want to be every day. I anticipate hitting the 25K mark by Wednesday with 50K coming by the 14th or 15th.Image


About J. R. Walker

My name is Josh and I'm an aspiring writer currently attending Southern New Hampshire University online to get my degree in Creative Writing. I currently have over a dozen short stories under my belt, as well as a number of novels in varying stages of completion. I have yet to be published but I'm hoping to self-publish within the next year or so. As a writer, I'm also an avid reader. My current inspirations are H. P. Lovecraft, Stephen King, Jo Rowling, and George R. R. Martin. Besides being a writer, I'm also a fairly decent knitter and crocheter.
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4 Responses to NaNoWriMo: Day 5

  1. thejinx says:

    Impressive word count. You have my respect for writing twice as fast as NaNoWriMo requires. Happy writing.

    • J. R. Walker says:

      Thanks! This year’s book is made especially difficult by virtue of the fact that it’s the second book in a trilogy but I haven’t actually finished writing the first book yet. Or even come close to finishing it…Yay for experimental writing!

      • thejinx says:

        Very interesting. I’m actually writing the second book in a trilogy as well, in fact the first time I’ve ever reached a book 2. It does pose some different challenges.

      • J. R. Walker says:

        The only series I’ve ever written before now was a fan fiction trilogy. Which I have yet to finish. I have two installments finished and the last sort of in limbo while I work on original material. The second book in a trilogy is easy. It’s the third one that’s hard. You want to conclude your story in a way that satisfies the people who have been following along for two books. Lots of pressure. lol

        Best of luck to you!

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